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Early Work
  • Sailboats on Detroit River, oil painting, Jerome Ackerman, 1949.
  • Dorthea, plaster, Evelyn Ackerman, 1945.
  • Neu Isenberg Street Scene, oil painting, Jerome Ackerman, 1949.
  • Triangles in Flight, oil painting, Jerome Ackerman, 1947.
  • Silk screened greeting cards, Evelyn Ackerman, 1947 and 1954.
  • Lake Michigan, study, Jerome Ackerman, 1949.
  • Self Portrait, charcoal, Evelyn Ackerman, 1946.
Early Work    

While neither Evelyn nor Jerome grew up in a home that fostered artistic expression, both recall loving to draw from an early age. After taking basic art classes in high school, they each pursued an undergraduate art degree in college, Evelyn with an emphasis on fine arts and illustration and Jerry with a focus on commercial art and design, and art education.


They excelled at painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, and lettering. Each went on to earn an MFA degree. This fine arts background provided the foundation for their future artistic endeavors and resulted in a rich and prolific output in multiple mediums. 

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